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A stream of consciousness.

Current desk setup

keyboards desk-setup

I’m pretty happy with my current desk setup at home as far as ergonomics go. I have a small house and there is a small part of that small house where a small computer desk lives.

My current desk setup

I’m not a great photographer at the best of times, but this particular corner of the house is particularly difficult to take good photographs of; the light is all wrong.

If you can look past how ordinary the photograph is, here is what’s there:

  • 2020 27" Intel iMac (completely obsolete, as far as Apple is concerned, but it still works so it’s still there).
  • 24" LG 4K display, mounted in portrait orientation on a random gas-strut VESA mount (it’s fine, and I don’t really notice the discrepancy between the dot pitch of the iMac and this monitor in practice).
  • Green “crazy horse” leather desk pad from Galen Leather.
  • A (not actually) MagSafe charger from Anker, holding an iPhone and AirPod Pro case.
  • Hidden to the right-hand side is a random desk lamp from Amazon or somewhere.
  • Apple Magic Trackpad (I wish I could use this on my work Windows laptop).
  • Bluetooth Corne split keyboard from typeractive (I love this keyboard – I’ll write it up eventually).
  • The pens on the left are a Lamy 2000, a Pilot Vanishing Point and a Montblanc 146 Ultra Black, sitting on a Lucrin pen tray.
  • The desk was purchased from a second-hand office supply store; I have no idea what brand it is, but it fits in the space and holds the computer up off the floor.

Tighter shot of the Corne keyboard

I have aspirations of one day replacing the iMac with maybe a Mac Mini and a Studio Display, however I also need something where I can easily hook up my Windows laptop from work and work on a big monitor without unplugging everything else in the process. However that’s currently a problem for another day.